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20 mile run

Today was the 20 miler. The weather was PERFECT. I was blessed to run with 2 fabulous friends. We started out at a great pace and forced ourselves to stay in the zone to keep our pace. It amazes me how the mind is so powerful both negative and positive. One minute you feel like […]

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The first Century

The bike. To think that I rode 100 miles on my bike is amazing to me. Remember, this is the girl who could barely get on a road bike without panic, use the hand brakes smoothly, balance with the aero bars, be clipped in to the bike and the list goes on. And forget trying […]

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BFAST Olympic Triathlon

Today I raced in the BFAST Triathlon, Olympic Distance. The Olympic Distance is typically a 1 mile swim, 24 mile ride and a 6.2 mile run. The BFAST race is held at the Mayport Naval Station. The swim is in the ocean and the bike and run course loops through the grounds of the Naval […]

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REALLY long bike ride

So the cool term in training is that you have a “build” week or a “down” week. I have learned the hard way that is important to STAY CONSISTENT when it comes to Ironman training. Saturday is the long bike ride day. I did a few 40, 50, then 60 mile rides. So far so […]

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Nutrition: post workout

If your car runs out of gas, you cannot go any further. Not only can you not go any further but you can damage the engine. I know this experience too well. I am the worst when it comes to getting gas before it’s too late. I have run out of gas on the side […]

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